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Join chef Emma as she takes you on a culinary trip to exotic Japan!  This class will inspire you to create your own Japanese feast at home for family and friends!

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Join Chef, Emma Mackay for this fabulous cooking class exploring the food and flavours of Japan. 
This class is for primary school aged children from 6+

In this hands-on class, you will master:

  • Join Emma Mackay for some hands-on fun!
    On the menu is
  • making & rolling your own delicious sushi/nori rolls
  • Katsu-don (an amalgamation of the Japanese words for pork cutlet (tonkatsu) and rice bowl (donburi). This popular dish is so much more than the sum of its parts. One winning dish for sure.
  • Master and enjoy a traditional Miso Soup.

This class is perfect for primary aged children from ages 6+ and secondary school / older teens and tweens most welcome for the same class in the afternoon.  

Price: $75.00



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