Information night for Morocco tour 2019


Will you be coming on our culinary tour to Morocco in 2019?

Join us for the lowdown on this year’s wonderful tour on :

April 28th 5pm-6.30pm.

We will be holding an info night at Relish Mama in the evening of the April 28th 2019. Join Nellie Kerrison from Relish Mama to discuss the 2019 tour and to answer all of your questions.

Tour dates are set for September 25th 2019.

Pricing and full itinerary are already available on our website or you can email us for a copy.

$30 entry includes a glass of wine and a couple of Moroccan nibbles.

All those genuinely interested to attend this info night can reserve their place here. Please note the small fee is charged for places to ensure that those attending are genuinely interested in the 2019 tour as well as to assist with the costs of hosting the evening.

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