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A very merry vegan friendly Christmas


Be part of this wonderful Christmas class with a stunning menu that is both vegetarian and vegan-friendly. The menu & preparation is led by our super Chef, Emma McKay.

Emma will inspire and share with you a glorious vegetarian and vegan-friendly Christmas feast.


Incredible Vegetarian Dishes In The Style Of Ottolenghi

Incredible Vegetarian dishes in the style...


An all new delicious class to the Relish Mama line up.

Caroline Gray will lead this outstanding class menu where Vegetarian dishes (in the style of Ottolenghi) are absolute stars. This is a beautifully nourishing class.

  • Leek fritters
  • Beetroot, yoghurt and za’atar dip
  • A fabulous herb filled pie
  • Roasted cauliflower and hazelnut salad
  • Scented Moroccan carrot salad
  • Baked eggplant with buttermilk sauce
  • Green beans and freekah and tahini
  • labne with cardamon, saffron and vanilla bean
  • Poached pears served with cardamon, saffron and vanilla bean labne
Middle Eastern Vegetarian

Middle Eastern Vegetarian in the style...


A feast of the senses is what this class is. A vegetable lover’s tour of the middle east.
An all new class and menu led by Nellie Kerrison.
This class has a little demonstration and information as well as lots of hands-on action.

The Vegan Plate – mezze plate, a Vegan burger and more

The Vegan Plate – mezze plate,...


In this exciting new class/menu led by Emma Mackay, we will be creating some traditional & easy to make mezze (small plates of excitement)! These are healthy, playful and easy made meals meant for sharing.

Lets roll with :
· Garlicky tofu “feta” and spinach Spanokita triangles
· Warm slow cooked caponata with oven baked olive and rosemary focaccia
· Baked chickpea falafels with spiced tahina drizzle

Vietnamese home cookery - a memorable class with Quyen

Vegetarian Vietnamese – wonderful new menu


This class is suitable for all who are wanting to expand their Vegetarian recipe repertoire and master some truly wonderful Vietnamese vegetarian dishes to cook for family and friends.

This class will be led by Relish Mama’s Vietnamese born cooking teacher, Quyen Lyon.

On the menu for this absolutely beautiful class is :

  • Rice paper rolls
  • Fried spring rolls
  • Bamboo salad with tofu, fried bean curd and roasted peanut
  • Braised shitake mushroom, tofu, white radish with vegan oyster sauce and pepper
  • Fried tofu with lemongrass and spice
  • Steamed rice and stir-fried water spinach or steamed okra to serve with the main dishes.