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Easy Japanese – vegetarian plant based...


Discover how simple and easy it is to make beautiful Japanese food at home! Learn the techniques of sushi making (traditional bamboo rolling plus a clever new way to present sushi rice and toppings), the art of gyoza and cooking crunchy tempura batter!

Join Steph Schall on a culinary journey as you make some of Japans most well-known dishes, with a plant-based spin!

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Summer entertaining with plant based appetisers...


Want to step your next party up from crackers and hummus? Steph Schall will help you create some mouthwatering and stunning plant-based appetisers. A mixture of bite-sized flavour bombs and more substantial little snacks, this cooking class will teach you how to cater for a summer gathering with little stress and maximum impact!

Summer entertaining with plant-based appetisers

Caramelised onion and roasted pumpkin pastry squares

Herb and mango rice paper rolls with almond satay dipping sauce

Cauliflower popcorn bites with spicy mayo dipping sauce

Salt and pepper tofu sliders with kimchi and wasabi mayo

Polenta bites with oven-roasted tomato and caramelised fennel

Dark chocolate truffles: Ferrero Rocher and Turkish Delight truffles


Lebanese style mezze – vegetarian menu


Steph Schall will lead this outstanding class and menu where Lebanese vegetarian dishes will be taught to create a fabulous Lebanese mezze table. This is a beautifully nourishing class. You can expect a wonderful amount of hands-on involvement in this cooking class as well as expert guidance and skills shared.

Lebanese Style Mezze

A trio of dips with yoghurt flatbread:

Mint labneh

Smokey beet baba ganoush

Fig and walnut hummus

Charred salt and pepper peppers with whipped tahini and herbs

Easy Lebanese fattoush

Vegetarian kibbeh with pumpkin, chickpea, mixed vegetables and spices

Vegan “hummus awarma”: pomegranate molasses, mint, spiced roasted chickpeas and toasted almonds

Baklava with walnuts, orange blossom and cardamom

A very merry vegan friendly Christmas


Be part of this wonderful Christmas class with a stunning menu that is both vegetarian and vegan-friendly. The menu & preparation is led by our super Chef, Emma McKay.

Emma will inspire and share with you a glorious vegetarian and vegan-friendly Christmas feast.

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Vegan desserts class – how to...


A class not to be missed. Join Chef, Emma Mackay as she defines and de-mystifies how to create absolutely fabulous vegan desserts.

Not only for our vegan friends but for anyone looking for plant-based alternatives to satisfy their sweet cravings.
Get involved as we prepare many of the elements together and enjoy a glorious sweet feast at the end.

This is a stunning vegan-friendly desserts menu that is not to be missed. On the menu is :

*Apple confit tart with almond gelato
*Chickpea ‘Iles Floatines’ with creamy sago & freeze dried strawberries
*Carpaccio of pineapple, kaffir lime gel & coconut crumble
*Vegan-friendly Churros with chocolate sauce
*Banana Brûlée parfait with chocolate pistachio snickerdoodles


The Vegan Plate (Gluten-Free)


Join Chef Emma Mackay to experience her exciting meat-free menu. A flavour-packed global menu with recipes and dishes including :

  • Messir Wat- (Ethiopian Lentil and Spinach Curry)
  • Potato and Amaranth Gnocchi Napoli
  • Scrambled Tofu with Asian Greens
  • Irio- Jasmine rice and sweet potato ‘Arrancini’
  • Carrot & Date power balls
  • Orange and Blueberry Muffins

This menu is also a gluten-free menu.

The Vegan Plate


In this exciting new vegan cooking class and menu led by Emma Mackay, join us in creating some delicious and nutritious vegan dishes.

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The Vegan Plate – Mezze plates,...


In this exciting new class led by Emma Mackay, create some traditional and easy-to-make mezze (small plates of excitement)! Healthy, playful and easy made meals meant for sharing with vegan (and non-vegan) friends and family alike.

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