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Lao's food

Laos – The distinctive food of...


The food of Laos is delicious and intriguing. The balance of flavours in dishes is different from that of the West and even neighbouring Thailand.

Historically, Lao food has often been regarded as essentially the same as Thai food. Some guidebooks still describe it this way. One reason for this misconception is the popularity and spread of Isaan cuisine in Thailand. This region of north-east Thailand was once Lao territory, and its food has retained many characteristics and dishes of Lao cuisine, for instance, grilled chicken, papaya salad, sticky rice.

South East Asian street food

South East Asia’s amazing street food


Join the super talented, Chef Emma Mackay in this hugely popular and super exciting, South East Asian street food class.
On this stand out menu is:

  • Caramel pork and tofu rice paper rolls (all guests will master rolling their own)
  • Salt and pepper squid
  • Asian slaw and chilli lime mayo
  • Bun Cha – North Vietnamese burger with rice vermicelli
  • Sticky lemongrass chicken
  • White sticky rice with coconut cream
  • Pandan cake with lychee jelly