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Organic tri colour Quinoa – Essential...


Produced in Peru, this organic white quinoa is high in protein, gluten free and simple to cook. Use in place of cous cous, toss through a salad or serve for breakfast. Quinoa truly is a ‘super food’ with more health benefits than you could possibly imagine.

Malouf Ras el honout 55g

Malouf Ras el hanout 55g


This is the legendary North African spice mix, which loosely translates as ‘top of the shop’. This spicy blend is especially good as a marinade for poultry and vegetables and can also be used in soups and tagines. It can be mixed with flour and use as a dusting when grilling, roasting or frying. Add a teaspoon to rice or couscous for incredible flavour.

Raspberrry Powder (Freeze Dried) 40g


The freeze drying process removes all moisture but retains the natural colour and flavour.  Approximately 12kg of fresh raspberries result in 1kg of dried raspberry powder.  raspberry powder has an intense tart flavour, this makes them ideal for flavouring or decorating many desserts.

Arborio rice Riseria Gazzani Vialone Nano D.O.P Out Of Stock

Riseria Gazzani Vialone Nano D.O.P


This Vialone Nano rice from northeast Italy has a slightly longer grain than arborio, but shorter and fatter than carnaroli. It absorbs more liquid than equivalent rices (for maximum flavour), and retains its shape during cooking.




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Potato Ricer


This Appetito stainless steel potato ricer comes with 3 interchangeable discs for fine, medium and course settings.

Simply fill the potato ricer with boiled potatoes and close it together.  You can use the potato ricer to make gnocchi, devilled eggs, desserts, soups and perfectly creamy mashed potatoes and more!

Ravioli Maker – Al dente


Create your own fresh pasta ravioli pillows with this easy to use ravioli maker.  Makes 12 square ravioli at a time.  East step by step guide included.

Cannoli Tubes (single piece)


These stainless steel tubes are perfect for making your very own cannoli at home.  Simply make the dough, wrap it around a tube and drop it in the oil of a deep fryer. Once cooled, the tube is removed and your beautifully browned cannoli shells are ready to be filled with your favourite sweet or savory fillings.

Pasta Machine – Al dente


Make homemade lasagne sheets, fettuccine, and narrow tagliolini with this wonderful Pasta Machine and pair them with your favourite sauces.

Rose harissa


A key ingredient in North African cooking, Rose Harissa is made from chilli peppers and a mix of over 40 herbs and spices. The addition of rose petals give a special sweetness and softens the chilli kick. This fragrant & versatile harissa can be used as an ingredient, as a seasoning, in relish or a rub. Enjoy it with scrambled eggs, grilled meat and fish as well as salads. Stir it through couscous, roasted vegetables, soups, pitta.

Refrigerate after opening.



Al-Rabih Rose Water 250ml


Rose water is a distilled water with the essence of roses and is used a lot in French and Middle Eastern cuisine. It adds flavouring to both savoury and sweet dishes. It is used to enhance savoury dishes such as tagines & is perfect for adding to desserts, ice cream, fruit, salads and beverages.

Made In Japan Out Of Stock

made in japan


Assorted platters, bowls and serving ware as used throughout the Relish Mama cooking school for serving and dining. Contact us or pop in to see our small yet beautiful range of ‘Made In Japan’ wares. Prices vary.

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Oyster opener


Oyster Shucker & Holder in a blister pack. The handle of the Oyster Knife is polypropylene and the Oyster Holder is wood.

Urfa Chilli Flakes


Urfa is dried Turkish chilli pepper. These dark crimson flakes are not too hot and have a smoky, chocolate and raisin-like flavour. They can take dishes to a whole other level (in our humble opinion).

Sprinkle on salads, eggs, roasted vegetables, fish and stews.

Saffron threads – the real deal...


Harvested by hand in La Mancha, Spain, this category one saffron features uniformly vivid red- strands (containing only the stigma) with a rich flavour and aroma that add intense colour and flavour to a wide variety of dishes.




Sumac packs a wallop of tart, lemony, almost vinegar-like flavour that brightens salad dressings, popcorn & even Bloody Marys. It’s a spice every kitchen should have.

Produced by drying and grinding the fruit of the sumac plant, this traditional Middle Eastern spice has a wonderful citrus fragrance and an astringent taste. It is nothing short of fabulous on fish, poultry, eggs, salads, & pilaf.

Uniq Chardonnay Wine Vinegar 500ml


Crafted with Schulzenbach method, this 100% Chardonnay wine vinegar has complex varietal aromas with clean, robust and fruity flavours that combine harmoniously with extra virgin olive oils for perfect vinaigrettes.  It can be drizzled on grilled fish, used to deglaze saute pans for delicious sauces or to add an elegant finish to soups.