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Relish Mama cookbook

Relish Mama cookbook 2018 – Family

Relish Mama 



Versatile and time-saving recipes for all families from the Relish Mama kitchen  

These are recipes you will be bursting to cook, eat and share with those who you call ‘family’.

The word ‘family’ has changed over the years and it means something different to everyone. This book will also mean something different to everyone but it is a guarantee that absolutely all will fall in love with it. 

Stunning recipes shared with warmth and grace. Recipes you will be bursting to cook, eat and share with those who you call ‘family’. 

With excellent tips and tricks, Relish Mama ‘family’ will not only change the way you cook but how you set up your fridge, freezer and pantry to simplify and inspire your time in the kitchen. This book will change the way you get a delicious dinner on the table in quick time. It is a book that celebrates delicious food done smarter. 

The second cookbook by Nellie Kerrison, owner of the acclaimed Relish Mama cooking school is as warm and generous as Nellie herself. Nellie invites you to ‘take her to your kitchen and let her show you how to make delicious food every day’. Take this beautiful book into your kitchen and you will be rewarded again and again. 

Every recipe has the potential to become your new ‘family’ favourite. This is a book full of wisdom and warmth and you may just find that it immediately makes itself a book that you cannot do without.

Purchase your copy and have it delivered straight to your door. Signed copies are available. Simply add in special comments of your order that you would like a signed copy.

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Author                     Nellie Kerrison
ISBN                        978-1-925556-21-6
Format                    Hard cover
Publication date     December, 2017
Pages                       272
Relish Mama cookbook

Relish Mama cookbook – Recipes from...


The award-winning and first Relish Mama cookbook. Released November 2014.

Purchase your copy and have it delivered straight to your door. Signed copies are available. Simply add in special comments of your order that you would like a signed copy.
Postage is a flat $10 for all orders Australia wide.

“Relish Mama is a celebration of honest, everyday cooking, as shared by Nellie Kerrison in this much-awaited first cookbook. Every page has meaning and each recipe is a treasure trove of the food Nellie loves most to share with family, friends and through her acclaimed cooking school. What started as a little dream of teaching people to cook, to share her passion and knowledge with others and her warm and generous style of entertaining has grown into a beautifully written and photographed cook book. With recipes for every occasion, you will relish this book and feel the love on each and every page of this stunning debut cookbook.”

Author                     Nellie Kerrison
ISBN                        978-0-9925665-0-0
Format                    Hard cover
Publication date     December, 2014
Pages                       260
Recent testimonials :
  • “This is my absolute ‘go-to’ book”
  • “Hi Nellie, I just had to email to say that I LOVE my relish mama cook book! I devoured it all in one hit – once I opened it, I just had to read it from cover to cover! I can’t wait to dive in and make some of the delicious recipes. Love the words and heartfelt descriptions and the practical tips along the way! I will certainly be recommending it to friends! Well done on a spectacular job!!”
  • “I take your recipe book on holidays with me. It is filled with all of the food my whole family love. I love that there are pages and pages filled with everyday food as well as amazing recipes for entertaining that I use often when I have a little more time. Thank you so much.”
  • “I have just ordered a copy of your beautiful book. My sister purchased your book before Christmas & I have fallen in love with it & am just desperate to get my hands on it! A huge well done to you.”
Sweet Greek cookbook Kathy Tsaples Out Of Stock

Sweet Greek cookbook – Kathy Tsaples


Kathy Tsaples shares her favorite recipes learned in her mother’s kitchen.

The recipes are about celebrating life:taking traditional food, cooking it today and passing it on to new generations.

Sweet Greek – Simple Food & Sumptuous Feasts is availible to purchase at Relish Mama – in store & online

Sweet Greek life (Kathy Tsaples latest release) is also available $49.95

Sweet Greek life cookbook Out Of Stock

Sweet Greek life (latest release Kathy...


Sweet Greek Life is a beautiful selection of 116 traditional dishes updated for contemporary feasting, continuing the story of the cuisine Tsaples grew up with and her love affair with Greek food and culture. 

Beautifully styled by Leesa O’Reilly and photographed by John Laurie, it is a stunning collection of recipes that will impress both home cooks and chefs alike. 

A celebration of life, a cherished past and future promise, it’s a book to use, full of recipes that will quickly become a part of your readers repertoire too. 

Flavours are bold, ingredients are accessible and sweet and savoury dishes ranging from feta loukoumades with honey to wood-fired goat are stylishly interpreted with Tsaples’ characteristic modern approach. Classics receive stunning makeovers, Western favourites are given a Hellenic twist and all are easily achieved. 

Salus soy candle lemongrass Out Of Stock

Salus soy candle – lemongrass


Sharpen your senses and awaken the spirit with this blissful blend of refreshing lemongrass, revitalising lime, uplifting lemon myrtle and peppermint pure essential oils in natural soy. Meticulously blended to deeply relax and recharge.

Contains lemongrass, lime, lemon myrtle and peppermint essential oils, soy wax (85%), coconut wax.

50 hour burn time

Salus soy candle – rose geranium


Bring peace, love and happiness to your world with this rebalancing blend of relaxing rose, uplifting geranium, calming lavender and soothing cedarwood. Meticulously blended and individually hand poured in natural soy to soothe, uplift and energise.

Contains rose geranium, lavender and cedarwood essential oils, soy wax (85%), coconut wax.

50 hour burn time

Salus purifying body scrub eucalyptus and rosemary Out Of Stock

Salus body scrub – Eucalyptus and...


Cleanse, smooth and soften dry skin with this spa strength body scrub of bamboo and pumice to stimulate cell renewal and restore youthful glow. A stimulating gel-based exfoliant for all skin types.

Contains eucalyptus, rosemary, aloe, bamboo, pumice.

Salus handwash – tuberose and grapefruit...


A purifying and softening SLS free hand wash of cleansing grapefruit, relaxing rose, calming chamomile, soothing lavender and nourishing aloe. A moisturising and energising wash that leaves the skin soft and smooth.

This is the handwash used throughout the Relish Mama cooking school.

Contains : tuberose, grapefruit, aloe, lavender, bergamot, jasmine, chamomile.

Salus Lemon Myrtle Milk Soap


Purify and balance with this cleansing bar of creamy goat’s milk, invigorating lemon myrtle, protective shea butter and vitamin e. A luxurious experience to deeply cleanse and nourish. Suitable for face and body.

Salus Body The Luminous Duo

Salus Body The Luminous Duo


Precious natural gems to soften energise and nourish.

This beautiful pack includes Geranium & Juniper Berry Body Cleanser 195ml and Rosehip and Orange Rejuvenating Body oil 200ml.

Hand woven placemats (Pack of 6)


These gorgeous placemats in a pack of 6, are hand woven and coiled from jute and artificial recycled leather. Stunning natural and silver metallic placemats, these are a beautiful addition to any dining table.

Hand woven placemats


These gorgeous placemats are hand woven and coiled from jute. Natural or natural with cream contrast.  A lovely addition to any dining table

Water Carafe Oslo Large

Water Carafe Oslo Large


The Oslo Water Carafe is an open top clear glass flask suitable for serving water or wine. Capacity 1L. Made in Italy.