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Ice cream (gelato), sorbet and semifreddo...

An all new cooking class that is all about heavenly Ice cream (gelato), sorbet and semifreddo. A class not to be missed and led by our true & fabulous artisan, Cristina Vedovato.
Cristina & her family ran a successful Gelateria for 15 years in Piedmont, northern Italy, before moving to Melbourne in 2015.
Her highly praised gelato uses fresh fruit, organic milk and raw organic sugar, it’s the best way to preserve its texture and flavour.
Christina only uses raw ingredients of the highest quality; fresh seasonal fruits, organic milk and cream, cocoa and raw sugar.
On the menu for this class is :
  • Crema vanilla ice cream – a recipe that dates back to 1700’s & this will be compared with a more contemporary style vanilla ice cream made with eggs instead. 
  • Cherry gelato  (please note all Cristina’s sorbets are dairy free)
  • Chocolate gelato 
  • Gorgonzola gelato
  • Semifreddo = Sicilian cassata with ricotta and candied fruits
  • Tiramisu semifreddo with mascarpone and coffee and handmade savoiardi 

We will also discuss gelato without sugar and using healthy sugar alternatives. 

“I truly love recreating a wonderful authentic Italian taste with the finest and freshest ingredients and all that are produced sustainably.”