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Fermentation Fundamentals (Including Kombucha, Pickles & Preserves)

Fermentation Fundamentals (Including Kombucha, Pickles &...


For millennia, cultures have fermented foods to preserve them but most of us seem to have forgotten how to do this at home. This class will dispel your fears and get you confidently making your own fermented food and drinks at home. This magnificent class also covers preserving and pickling too. It is an incredible class not to be missed.

Fermented and cultured foods are nutritional powerhouses that can be easily prepared ahead and consumed in small quantities every day to help keep you and your family happy and healthy.

Fodmap friendly - Italian fiesta

Fodmap friendly – Italian fiesta


A ‘must’ class for all those needing to get a handle on Fodmap friendly diet.

Join leading expert, Meaghan Farrel founder of Nogo sauces (NOGO = NO Garlic + NO onion)
This fabulous new class will cover :

  • Tips and tricks for cooking for Fructose Malabsorption
  • How to bring taste back without those nasty FODMAP’s
  • How to turn everyday recipes into FODMAP safe meals

Come along for a fun-filled interactive class.

Polenta and meatballs gluten free

Gluten free delicious meals with Caroline...


A class dedicated to some really delicious gluten free dishes which are packed full of nutritional goodness!

No need for seperate meals – everyone you know will absolutely adore these taste sensations.

This fabulous class will be let by the wonderful Caroline Gray.

Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta With Nellie Kerrison


Become familiar with some great Mexican street food!
Good Mexican food is fresh, vibrant and incredibly flavoursome. Nellie Kerrison is the teacher for this fabulous class and she will teach you how to make sensational Mexican at home. This style of food is relaxed yet impressive. It is great for family meals as well as for wonderful nights of casual entertaining with friends.
A fabulous Mexican feast and all washed down with some sangria, who could resist

The Vegan Plate – mezze plate, a Vegan burger and more

The Vegan Plate – mezze plate,...


In this exciting new class/menu led by Emma Mackay, we will be creating some traditional & easy to make mezze (small plates of excitement)! These are healthy, playful and easy made meals meant for sharing.

Lets roll with :
· Garlicky tofu “feta” and spinach Spanokita triangles
· Warm slow cooked caponata with oven baked olive and rosemary focaccia
· Baked chickpea falafels with spiced tahina drizzle