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Dumplings ‘Hands On’ Masterclass


A hands-on masterclass that is not to be missed!

Master the art of the dumpling with Lou Wong.
You will create a variety of dumplings to be boiled, fried and steamed. Learn how to prepare sensational fillings including how to blend by hand and how to correctly prepare the siu mai pork (cannot use mince!) which are then ‘thrown’ to make them sticky. Guests will also make three different dipping sauces and learn techniques of making three different dumpling shapes as well as tips on freezing and making them into your own ‘fast food’.

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An Italian feast of gnocchi and...


Unlock the mystery of making light and pillowy gnocchi with Pia Gava and her family recipe that was her MasterChef signature dish. MasterChef alumni Pia Gava has been creating perfect pasta in her kitchen for many years in all shapes and sizes. She had learnt from watching her own mother from a young age. On the menu for this gnocchi feast:

  • Let’s start the class with Pia’s homemade ciabatta bread dipped in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and balsamic
  • Gnocchi being Pia’s signature dish, enjoy a hands-on class to really master the basics of making a light and pillowy gnocchi in a delicious Gorgonzola sauce.
  • This will follow by a refreshing Panzanella salad
  • Individual tiramisu using an eggless honey mascarpone cream.

Not only will you learn skills to take home to share with your own family but we’ll chat, laugh, share stories while we sit down to enjoy what has been created, including an espresso with dessert!

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Italian entertaining – Cicchetti masterclass with...


It’s time to get acquainted with Cicchetti, the small Italian snacks that you really do need in your life.

You’ll often hear Cicchetti described as “Italy’s version of Spanish tapas”, which is not too far off but not quite correct also. Cicchetti (meaning ‘little things’) are bar snacks and they are the delicious bites on the counters of the casual bars in Venice and its surrounds. It is these bars where people regularly step in for small glasses of vino and the vino is enjoyed with Cicchetti. The term is contextual, referring not so much to what you’re eating as to where. Fried olives served at the table pre-dinner: that’s antipasto. Offered alongside a drink in a bar? That’s Cicchetti.

Unlock the delicious joys of Cicchetti with Pia Gava (MasterChef alumni). Pia has been creating Cicchetti in her kitchen for many years. Her delicious menu will be varied and will feature:

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