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Professional Cake Decorating


Master the techniques of cake decorating. Whether your style is floral or decadent, the tips and trick you learn will help you achieve a variety of styles that suit any event.

Learn about flavours, structure, stability and more:

  • Learn the Swiss meringue buttercream recipe
  • How to correctly cut, crumb, coat and mask your cake
  • How to decorate with a ganache drip
  • Make your own rainbow meringue kisses to decorate.

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Christmas festive desserts extravaganza


Be part of this wonderful festive desserts extravaganza.

Why not indulge in an exciting opportunity to spend an afternoon learning how to create amazing Christmas desserts and treats under the expert guidance of our highly respected chef, Emma Mackay.

This class covers baking in advance, baking for gifts and baking for the festive season shenanigans. Classic recipes, family favourites and some modern interpretations of some old-fashioned treats.

  • Cherry marshmallow pavlova
  • Individual steamed Xmas puddings (much lighter than Grandmas)
  • Eggnog pannacotta with fresh Summer berries
  • Pannetone B&B pudding – for the ultimate Christmas breakfast, brunch or dessert

Desserts & sublime sweets with Nellie...


Be part of this wonderful sweets and desserts extravaganza. A much-awaited class: come and learn the secrets to Nellie’s most popular desserts. Following the desserts and expected sugar-highs, we’ll enjoy a salad together, served with homemade labne and hummus to keep those highs at peace.

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Ice cream (gelato), sorbet and semifreddo...

An all new cooking class that is all about heavenly Ice cream (gelato), sorbet and semifreddo. A class not to be missed and led by our true & fabulous artisan, Cristina Vedovato.
Cristina & her family ran a successful Gelateria for 15 years in Piedmont, northern Italy, before moving to Melbourne in 2015.
Her highly praised gelato uses fresh fruit, organic milk and raw organic sugar, it’s the best way to preserve its texture and flavour.
Christina only uses raw ingredients of the highest quality; fresh seasonal fruits, organic milk and cream, cocoa and raw sugar.
On the menu for this class is :
  • Crema vanilla ice cream – a recipe that dates back to 1700’s & this will be compared with a more contemporary style vanilla ice cream made with eggs instead. 
  • Cherry gelato  (please note all Cristina’s sorbets are dairy free)
  • Chocolate gelato 
  • Gorgonzola gelato
  • Semifreddo = Sicilian cassata with ricotta and candied fruits
  • Tiramisu semifreddo with mascarpone and coffee and handmade savoiardi 

We will also discuss gelato without sugar and using healthy sugar alternatives. 

“I truly love recreating a wonderful authentic Italian taste with the finest and freshest ingredients and all that are produced sustainably.”

All About Pastry & Tarts


For both the sweet and savoury tooth! Master the perfect tart crust and make pastry that is buttery, delicately crisp and simply beautiful. Professional Pastry Chef Khristina Mulyono will share the tricks and skills behind mastering the art of pastry making. The fundamentals taught in this class are transferrable and will allow you to recreate the tarts at home or apply the techniques learnt to your favourite family recipes. Create Parmesan Pâte brisée, light and airy sable Breton (i.e. French salted biscuits) and the basic all-around dessert pastry, pâte sucrée Classique.

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Vegan desserts class – how to...


A class not to be missed. Join Chef, Emma Mackay as she defines and de-mystifies how to create absolutely fabulous vegan desserts.

Not only for our vegan friends but for anyone looking for plant-based alternatives to satisfy their sweet cravings.
Get involved as we prepare many of the elements together and enjoy a glorious sweet feast at the end.

This is a stunning vegan-friendly desserts menu that is not to be missed. On the menu is :

*Apple confit tart with almond gelato
*Chickpea ‘Iles Floatines’ with creamy sago & freeze dried strawberries
*Carpaccio of pineapple, kaffir lime gel & coconut crumble
*Vegan-friendly Churros with chocolate sauce
*Banana Brûlée parfait with chocolate pistachio snickerdoodles