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Christmas festive desserts extravaganza


Be part of this wonderful festive desserts extravaganza.

Why not indulge in an exciting opportunity to spend an afternoon learning how to create amazing Christmas desserts and treats under the expert guidance of our highly respected chef, Emma Mackay.

This class covers baking in advance, baking for gifts and baking for the festive season shenanigans. Classic recipes, family favourites and some modern interpretations of some old-fashioned treats.

  • Cherry marshmallow pavlova
  • Individual steamed Xmas puddings (much lighter than Grandmas)
  • Eggnog pannacotta with fresh Summer berries
  • Pannetone B&B pudding – for the ultimate Christmas breakfast, brunch or dessert

Desserts & sublime sweets with Nellie...


Be part of this wonderful sweets & desserts extravaganza.

A much awaited for class, come and share the secrets to making some of Nellie’s most popular desserts.

On the menu for this indulgent class is:

  • Nellie’s chocolate brownie – It’s legendary & we can’t wait to share it.
  • Panettone bread and butter pudding – I mastered this thanks to my lovely friend, Guy Mirabella. This is the most wonderful of wonderful’s. Just a 5-hour slow jog post eating….but it is well worth it ūüėČ.¬†“The best bread and butter puddings are made with panettone an Italian sweet bread filled with dried fruits. And, it is terrific with spoonfuls of apricot jam dolloped randomly. Utterly delicious served with your favourite vanilla ice cream.”
  • The world’s best chocolate chip cookies…..truly.
  • Cheats vanilla slice – nothing wrong with a short cut here or there when it creates something this good, this tasty & this speedy. This will be your new answer to friends popping in for the afternoon or dinner or your child’s dessert table. It will take you back to very happy places.¬†
  • Perfecting scones & their variations
  • Hazelnut & chocolate friands¬†– from the cookbook ‘Relish Mama family’ ……& the joy, we are told, these darlings have given to so many.¬†
  • Chestnut & rosemary Italian cake – “A sentimental recipe from my Sister Kirsty. She taught some classes in the early days of Relish Mama & this is an absolute treasure. I cannot wait to share it with you all”
  • Lemon & cucumber cakelettes¬†with gin syrup & lemon curd
  • Lavender flatbread with candied lemon & lemon ricotta
  • Flourless orange cake with semi-nude yoghurt icing & candied orange slices

Ohhhh …..and we’ll make a salad together which will be served with some class made dips to keep the sugar highs at peace.

Please note that given the variety of the menu & the extensive menu, this cannot be an entirely hands-on class. It will offer opportunities throughout the class however & will be very up close & very interactive & very delicious.


Party Food & Entertaining With Style & Grace - Taking The Stress Out Of A Party

Party Food & Entertaining With Style...


In this class, the wonderful Caroline Gray will take all the stress out of planning and preparing finger food for a party. Along the way she will share some tricks of the catering trade so that you really can relax and enjoy the next party you hold, be it for 10 or 100 people.

Caroline will discuss menu themes, prep lists, shopping, preparing ahead, setting up a bar and what drinks to have etc.

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