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Beginners cooking class / Kitchen confidence

Beginners Cooking Class / Kitchen Confidence


Suitable for all levels, including beginners – let us show you how to work your way around the kitchen. This class will give you the basic skills and knowledge to create delicious and healthy meals from scratch in your own home kitchen. This is the perfect starting point to learn the fundamentals of cooking and master several different dishes in the one cooking class! In this class, we will discuss different cooking methods e.g.. baking, frying, steaming, etc as well as appropriate cooking temperatures and knife skills. We will also focus on measurement and it’s importance in the kitchen as well as when to toss aside your measuring cups aside and cook with confidence and intuition (you will get there, we promise).

Beginners for young adults

Beginners For Young Adults (Who Want...


This highly valuable new class to Relish Mama may just be the inspiration young adults need as they embark on what can be a very happy and exciting time as they perhaps move out of the family home and begin cooking for themselves and friends. It can be the class that puts an end to the high rotation of often uninspiring dishes. There’s only so many nights of beans toast & or take away before ones body yells ‘STOP’ !