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Farro And Duck Risotto

Ancient grains, lenitls and pulses and...


All new class at Relish Mama lead by our wonderful, Emma Mackay.

In this class, Emma shares her favourite recipes, loads of information and hands-on techniques using these natural and delicious ingredients.

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The flavours of Portugal


After a very special culinary & wine tour to Portugal in 2018, Nellie brings the flavours of Portugal to Relish Mama in this all-new class. This menu evokes sights, smells and tastes.  Vibrant recipes from tapas to mains. Retracing travels through wonderful Portuguese food and exploring the amazing flavours and relaxed hospitality that inspired this class.

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At home with Nellie - dishes for family & friends

At Home With Nellie – Wonderful...


Join Nellie – founder of Relish Mama cooking school for this special class where she will be cooking up the dishes she most loves to enjoy at home and share with friends and family and on this occasion – you……

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Barbecue cooking class with Nellie Kerrison

Barbecue Cooking Class With Nellie Kerrison


Join Nellie Kerrison, founder of Relish Mama for this exciting barbecue class.

Gift vouchers are available.

Learn how to be a real grill master. There is so much more to barbecuing than meets the eye.

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Beginners cooking class / Kitchen confidence

Beginners Cooking Class / Kitchen Confidence


Suitable for all levels, including beginners – let us show you how to work your way around the kitchen. This class will give you the basic skills and knowledge to create delicious and healthy meals from scratch in your own home kitchen. This is the perfect starting point to learn the fundamentals of cooking and master several different dishes in the one cooking class! In this class, we will discuss different cooking methods e.g.. baking, frying, steaming, etc as well as appropriate cooking temperatures and knife skills. We will also focus on measurement and it’s importance in the kitchen as well as when to toss aside your measuring cups aside and cook with confidence and intuition (you will get there, we promise).

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Beginners for young adults

Beginners For Young Adults (Who Want...


This class has a focus on simple healthy meals for young adults and home leavers (of course, adults of all ages are most welcome & we welcome all). It promises to be a very relaxed, fun & non-intimidating evening. The class will focus on meals that can keep on giving eg. enjoyed on one day and/or divided up to freeze for future use or to take to work or Uni during the week for lunch.

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Professional cake decorating

Professional Cake Decorating


Join Khristina Mulyono in this class to master the techniques on cake decorating.

Whether your style is floral and pretty or decadent and fun, the tips and ideas Khristina will generously share with you will take one cake on a journey where the various styles will suit any event.

Learn about flavours, structure , stability and more.

– Swiss meringue buttercream recipe
– How to correctly cut, crumb, coat and mask your cake

– How to decorate with ganache drip
– Making our own rainbow meringue kisses to decorate

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Ice cream (gelato), sorbet and semifreddo...

An all new cooking class that is all about heavenly Ice cream (gelato), sorbet and semifreddo. A class not to be missed and led by our true & fabulous artisan, Cristina Vedovato.
Cristina & her family ran a successful Gelateria for 15 years in Piedmont, northern Italy, before moving to Melbourne in 2015.
Her highly praised gelato uses fresh fruit, organic milk and raw organic sugar, it’s the best way to preserve its texture and flavour.
Christina only uses raw ingredients of the highest quality; fresh seasonal fruits, organic milk and cream, cocoa and raw sugar.
On the menu for this class is :
  • Crema vanilla ice cream – a recipe that dates back to 1700’s & this will be compared with a more contemporary style vanilla ice cream made with eggs instead. 
  • Cherry gelato  (please note all Cristina’s sorbets are dairy free)
  • Chocolate gelato 
  • Gorgonzola gelato
  • Semifreddo = Sicilian cassata with ricotta and candied fruits
  • Tiramisu semifreddo with mascarpone and coffee and handmade savoiardi 

We will also discuss gelato without sugar and using healthy sugar alternatives. 

“I truly love recreating a wonderful authentic Italian taste with the finest and freshest ingredients and all that are produced sustainably.”

Christmas festive desserts extravaganza


Be part of this wonderful festive desserts extravaganza.

Why not indulge in an exciting opportunity to spend an afternoon learning how to create amazing Christmas desserts and treats under the expert guidance of our highly respected chef, Emma Mackay.

This class covers baking in advance, baking for gifts and baking for the festive season shenanigans. Classic recipes, family favourites and some modern interpretations of some old-fashioned treats.

  • Cherry marshmallow pavlova
  • Individual steamed Xmas puddings (much lighter than Grandmas)
  • Eggnog pannacotta with fresh Summer berries
  • Pannetone B&B pudding – for the ultimate Christmas breakfast, brunch or dessert

A very merry vegan friendly Christmas


Be part of this wonderful Christmas class with a stunning menu that is both vegetarian and vegan-friendly. The menu & preparation is led by our super Chef, Emma McKay.

Emma will inspire and share with you a glorious vegetarian and vegan-friendly Christmas feast.

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Glazed Ham For Christmas

Relish Mama Christmas menu with Nellie...


Be part of this wonderful Christmas class. The menu & preparation is covered in a lovely, calm & social setting (how we hope all Christmas days should be but may not always turn out to be!).

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Curries of the world

Curries Of The World

Journey around the globe tasting classic spicy dishes such as Thai curries, authentic Indian dishes, spicy Sri Lankan classics & much more.
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Dumplings ‘Hands On’ Masterclass


A hands-on masterclass that is not to be missed!

Master the art of the dumpling with Lou Wong.
You will create a variety of dumplings to be boiled, fried and steamed. Learn how to prepare sensational fillings including how to blend by hand and how to correctly prepare the siu mai pork (cannot use mince!) which are then ‘thrown’ to make them sticky. Guests will also make three different dipping sauces and learn techniques of making three different dumpling shapes as well as tips on freezing and making them into your own ‘fast food’.

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Fabulous fish and how to cook it like a pro

Fabulous Fish And How To Cook...


Caroline will show you how to rock this season like a pro with dishes that look amazing, taste divine and yet are very simple to prepare once you’ve learnt a trick or two.
Selecting and storing your fish and seafood is a very important part of the cooking process and in this class, Caroline will advise on how to best go about this so you can plan ahead and confidently serve your guests a meal they will remember.

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Famous & fabulous noodle dishes from Vietnam

Famous & fabulous noodle dishes from...


Quyen will share her family tips and secrets with you and a very special all-new Vietnamese menu sharing wonderful dishes from Hoi An and Hue.

Come and explore and learn some of the famous noodle dishes from Vietnam and master the wonderful flavours of the Vietnamese kitchen.

Quyen was born and raised in Vietnam and has many traditional family recipes and stories she wishes to share and her classes are much loved at Relish Mama.

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Fermentation Fundamentals (Including Kombucha, Pickles & Preserves)

Fermentation Fundamentals (Including Kombucha, Pickles &...


For millennia, cultures have fermented foods to preserve them but most of us seem to have forgotten how to do this at home. This class will dispel your fears and get you confidently making your own fermented food and drinks at home. This magnificent class also covers preserving and pickling too. It is an incredible class not to be missed.

Caroline Gray will guide you through some fundamental fermentation processes & in this class, you will master:

  • Creamy yoghurt & labne – mastering some wonderful flavour infusions such as saffron and vanilla bean (sweet) as well as pomegranate and orange zest (sweet) and horseradish and dill (savoury).
  • red cabbage sauerkraut
  • Smoky pickled cucumbers
  • Kim Chi
  • kombucha & SCOBY
  • pickled fennel
  • super easy cold pickled beetroot and cabbage
  • Take homes: Sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, pickled fennel.