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Looking for a Unique, Fun Melbourne Cooking Class? Head to Relish Mama!

Are you in search of a fun option for a date night or a girls’ night out? If you love food, then Relish Mama has a unique experience waiting for you that will have your taste buds tingling and your brain buzzing with excitement. Whether you’re looking to enrol in a cooking class to meet new people, or you want to get together with your favourite group of people for a special celebration, Relish Mama is sure to have the perfect Melbourne cooking class to delight your senses and have you asking for more.

The course offerings at Relish Mama are incredibly diverse, making it simple to find a subject that interests you. Those who have always wanted to dive into the world of Asian cuisine can find offerings featuring Thai delicacies, Vietnamese street food, and South Asian street food to expand their cooking repertoire far beyond fried rice and egg rolls. Meanwhile, those who’ve always wanted to try their hand at more gourmet fare can find courses such as our modern French cuisine offering. Participants will learn all the latest and greatest techniques to transform their home kitchen into a true Parisian bistro.

If you’re in search of a Melbourne cooking class that also provides an incredible social experience, look no further. You’ll love the fact that every Relish Mama course ends with a chance to kick back and relax with some delicious wine while enjoying the results of your hard work. To find out more or find a calendar of upcoming courses, be sure to visit the Relish Mama site at