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Award-Winning Italian Cooking Class by Melbourne’s Relish Mama

Nothing brings a group of people together like sharing food. Whether it’s with family, friends, or co-workers, preparing a meal and sitting down to dine together creates warm memories and builds lasting relationships. At Relish Mama, we offer group cooking experiences that do just this. Our hands-on kitchen provides cooking classes for adults in a social environment. Then, after the cooking, sit down with your classmates to enjoy your freshly prepared meals. Book individually or as a group for our upcoming Italian cooking class in our Melbourne kitchen, and you’ll be guided professionally through a delicious meal made from fresh ingredients. Experience flavours that jump off the plate and into your mouth at this top-voted Italian cooking class in Melbourne. Your passion for cooking will ignite in our Italian cooking class. Melbourne is rich with culture, especially in food. Learn how to make all your favourite cuisines; from traditional Australian dishes to staples from around the world, we have cooking classes that fit every taste and diet. Create beautiful, fresh, vegetarian dishes, or learn what to cook for your friend who has recently decided to go gluten-free. We also offer cooking classes for kids on every school holiday. Check our schedule for special themes and guest chefs. Relish Mama makes cooking is a social affair. Book our Italian cooking class right here in Melbourne for your next girls’ or guys’ night and leave with a full belly and cheeks sore from smiles and laughter.