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Impress Every Client With Corporate Cooking Courses in Melbourne. Contact Relish Mama Today!

You’ve been given a most arduous task - to plan the activities for visiting clients, serving as their guide through the CDB and offering them unique experiences. You’re terrified. How can you deliver something different? How can you impress such important customers?

Relish Mama suggests scheduling corporate cooking courses in Melbourne. These unique activities are sure to thrill every client, offering exceptional food, hands-on entertainment, and lots of laughter. Gather around the bench-top and explore different culinary delights, with courses showcasing Italian, Thai, Spanish, Moroccan, and even Vietnamese cuisines. Savour every ingredient (and every moment).

Use corporate cooking courses in Melbourne to showcase your clients’ brands as well. The Relish Mama venue proves perfect for product launches, book launches, or other special events. Let it set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Each course hosts between 10 to 35 participants. Should you have a larger group of clients, however, Relish Mama will accommodate your needs. We’ll also ensure that each class adapts to your schedule, dietary requirements, and other special requests. Our team strives to fulfil your needs.

Introduce your clients to the flavours of the world. Choose corporate cooking courses in Melbourne for every special occasion. To learn more about these courses - as well as schedule an appointment, request a premium package, or even purchase a gift voucher - contact Relish Mama today:


Phone: 03-9553-4846