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Reward Your Staff with Corporate Cooking Classes in South Melbourne from Relish Mama

Are you looking for new social opportunities for your staff members? Why not ditch the boring old corporate picnic or stiff after-hours party for a new, exciting experience that teaches valuable new skills in a fun and carefree environment? Relish Mama’s cooking classes are the perfect way to entertain your employees (and clients) in a way that naturally promotes socialisation and fun, all while keeping them engaged by helping them build new skills in a relaxing environment. Relish Mama’s corporate cooking classes in South Melbourne, located near the Central Business District in Cheltenham, offer plenty of opportunities for team building and fun.

Corporate cooking classes in South Melbourne have atmospheres that naturally promote teamwork. Students have the chance to learn new recipes and techniques together while having the opportunity to practice important skills such as communication and cooperation in a fun, warm environment. Whether you opt for one of our standard courses or decide to work with our staff to develop classes tailored to your group’s needs and interests, you’ll be sure to find that this will be an experience that will benefit your team and provide you with great memories for years to come.

Some examples of classes include gluten-free cooking, simple and fast meals, Greek street foods, and modern French cuisine. As you can see, the corporate cooking classes that we offer are diverse! For a sampling of our course offerings, as well as more information about team building and corporate functions, you can visit our website at