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Corporate Cooking Classes in the Melbourne CBD Deliver Exceptional Flavours and Exceptional Convenience.

Special occasions deserve equally special venues. Too often, however, do you find yourself struggling with the logistics of every company outing - trying to schedule transportation, ensure easy access, and keep your team centred within the CBD. You want to celebrate a well-earned victory, but you don’t want to waste hours in traffic.

Relish Mama understands, and we have an alternative to the traditional team building exercises: corporate cooking classes in the Melbourne CDB. Our spectacular venue - which allows employees to work together, creating and then sharing delicious meals - is conveniently located in Cheltenham. This bayside suburb is a quick drive away from your central office.

This proves key when planning a team event. Corporate cooking classes in the Melbourne CDB spare you the frustration of long commutes, car-pools, and scheduling. Focus on the food, not the excessive planning. For true team convenience, take advantage of Relish Mama’s premium packages. These options offer transportation to and from your meal, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ambience.

Create an unforgettable celebration. Choose corporate cooking classes in the Melbourne CDB for your team, connecting them to quality ingredients and exciting experiences. Relish Mama boasts a variety of course options - including Italian, Moroccan, Spanish, and Thai - to choose from.

To book our custom venue for your event (or to learn more about our premium packages) contact us today:

Phone: 03-9553-4846