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Engage Your Clients and Employees with a Corporate Cooking Class in South Melbourne

The team that eats together stays together. It’s an old adage that has proven itself to be true time and time again, which is why a corporate cooking class in South Melbourne, such as that offered by Relish Mama, may be the perfect way to build a stronger team in your workplace environment.

If you have considered a corporate cooking class in South Melbourne as a team building exercise, or even as a way to reward your team for a job well done, Relish Mama has plenty of interesting and exciting options available for you to choose from, whether you’re interested in delicious Thai, quick and simple meals, or modern French cuisine. You can even have our team whip up a brand new recipe for success, tailored to your team’s needs and your specifications with interesting team building exercises centred on cooking!

There are many reasons to choose a cooking class as a way of bringing your team together. By its very nature, food promotes a warm and comfortable environment, and with the guidance of a seasoned chef such as founder Nellie Kerrison, the cooking experience only becomes that much more enjoyable! During class, team members will have the opportunity to work together, experimenting with new culinary techniques and crafting delicious dishes based on new recipes. This kind of teamwork naturally promotes cooperation, communication, and other valuable skills that easily translate into the workplace environment.

Would you like to learn more? Visit our website at There, you can find plenty of information regarding our corporate events, as well as detailed information about all the course offerings that we have available.