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Create an Unforgettable Event. Plan a Corporate Cooking Class in the Melbourne CDB.

The road to a product launch is long - and each member of your team walked it without complaint, hesitation, or frustration. They delivered exceptional work, meeting every deadline and surpassing every expectation. You want to reward this behaviour, offering your employees their just desserts.

Relish Mama knows exactly how to accomplish this. Join a corporate cooking class in the Melbourne CDB! Treat your team to a unique experience, allowing them to celebrate their achievements through delicious recipes and hands-on learning. Let them apply their superior problem-solving skills to courses (rather than product launches).

A corporate cooking class in the Melbourne CDB allows your team to come together once again, gathering around both the bench-top and the stovetop. Promote good will (and great food) as each member serves up something delicious. Once the meal is complete, encourage them all to sit at the communal table and discuss their recent triumphs. Every bite delivers morale.

Your product is now a success. Reward the ones who achieved that success, connecting your team to a series of delicious meals, including Thai, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, Vietnamese, Chocolatier, and more. Explore bold flavours and fun times.

Each corporate cooking class in the Melbourne CDB accommodates between 10 to 35 people. For those with larger groups, schedule special arrangements in advance to give us enough time to fully accommodate your needs. To learn more contact Relish Mama today by phone (03-9553-4846) or by email (