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Relish Mama Offers Pastry Cooking Classes in the Melbourne CBD. Join us and Create Something Delectable!

The best part of any meal is dessert - and you gleefully count down the seconds (and the courses), waiting for the delicious tarts, pastries, and pies to arrive. You crave all things sweet and no dinner is complete without that delightful final bite.

Relish Mama understands. This is why we offer pastry cooking classes in the Melbourne CDB, connecting every would-be baker, chocolatier, and sucrée creator to the recipes they need. We explore bold flavours and delicate doughs, with each class introducing students to a variety of dessert inspirations. These include:

  • Parmesan Pastries.
  • Caramel Tarts.
  • Fresh Fruit Tarts.
  • Chocolate Ganaches.
  • Orange Ricotta Cakes.
  • Apple Cakes.
  • ... and more!

Are you looking for delicious ways to ring in the New Year? Join our cooking classes in the Melbourne CDB. They now offer Christmas-themed foods, allowing you to celebrate in tasty style. Discover cake decorating, hands-on baking, recipe demonstrations, and more. Master the fundamentals of pastry creation to spice up the season.

Every dinner deserves a perfect dessert. Relish Mama now shows you how to make them, bringing you rich flavours and practical experience. Master the basics of baking with ease!

To learn more about our cooking classes in the Melbourne CDB - as well as to schedule an appointment, redeem a voucher, or consult us for a venue hire - contact us today:

Phone: 03-9553-4846


Address: Warehouse No. 1, 347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192.