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Share Something Savoury With the Whole Family. Seek out a Cooking Class in Melbourne for Kids and Teens!

There are endless cultural experiences to create with your family. Planning those experiences, however, is a challenge. You want to offer your children access to the sights, sounds, and spices of other countries - but where can you begin? Relish Mama suggests scheduling a cooking class in Melbourne for kids and teens.

For almost seven years, Relish Mama has connected families to the culinary wonders of the world. We believe that every day delivers new possibilities and new flavours, and through this we help each child discover the joy of food. Every cooking class in Melbourne celebrates diversity and deliciousness - letting families appreciate the origin of their favourite dishes.

Food is the great equaliser, bringing together children of all ages and backgrounds. Relish Mama’s cooking classes celebrate this togetherness, allowing every family to understand both flavour profiles and cultural differences. Savour the fun!?

Kids’ cooking classes offer more than dynamic menus and tasty treats. They also promote valuable life skills, helping each participant master basic techniques and smart meal planning. This proves essential for families wishing to embrace healthy lifestyles.

Each kids’ cooking class in Melbourne is grouped by age (6 to 11, and 11 to 16). They’re typically conducted during school holidays and appointments are necessary.

To schedule a hands-on cultural experience contact Relish Mama today:


03-9553-4846 or 0-418-592-607


Warehouse No. 1 347 Bay Road Cheltenham 3192