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Considering Taking a Cooking Class in the Melbourne CDB? Relish Mama Delivers Asian Cuisine.

Ginger and lemongrass, papaya and prawns – the ingredients of the East come together in a delectable whirl. Each dish is delicately balanced, and each bite promises a burst of texture and spice. It’s no wonder that the Relish Mama team spends their days discovering new flavour profiles.

You can too! Join us for a cooking class in the Melbourne CDB! Our experienced team celebrates the unique styles of the East, bringing Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and Balinese flavours to every session. We explore traditional culinary methods, helping our students understand the subtle differences between each country. This fosters greater appreciation with every bite.

A cooking class in the Melbourne CDB promises exceptional recipes, with the Relish Mama team delving into:

  • Fried Spring Rolls
  • Coconut-Braised Tiger Prawns
  • Nasi Goreng
  • Salt and Pepper Squid
  • Rice Vermicelli
  • ... and much more!

Each cooking class in the Melbourne CDB connects you to the recipes you love. Master every dish and bring the tastes of Asia into your home! Toss out those take-out menus. You’ll have something far better to put on the table.

To learn more about our Asian cuisine - as well as our other related classes, including fish and seafood classes, knife skills classes, raw food classes, and dumpling classes - contact Relish Mama today:




Our friendly team members will answer every question, book an appointment, and even help you redeem gift vouchers.