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Love BBQ? Take Advantage of Relish Mama's Great Barbecue Cooking Classes in Melbourne!

Upcoming Class Dates: The year of the grill - with Nellie Kerrison

Join Nellie Kerrison, founder of Relish Mama for this exciting barbecue class.

Gift vouchers are available.

Learn how to be a real grill master. There is so much more to barbecuing than meets the eye.

In this class, we will ...

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Nothing says summer quite like the warm sun, a drink in hand, and the fragrance of smouldering charcoal in the air! BBQ cooking is not only an excellent outdoor social activity, but it's a way to get some of the tastiest food around. Tossing meat onto the grill over the hot coals, hearing it sizzle and spit, and waiting for the delicious end result is all great fun. However, for those who lack experience in cooking bbq, the entire process can seem a little intimidating. How do you control the temperature? How can you know when your food is done, and how to manage that heat properly? Never fear -- there's an easy way to learn while having a load of fun at the same time.

At Relish Mama, we offer barbecue cooking classes to Melbourne that are both fun and convenient. You'll learn from esteemed chef Andrew Richardson, discovering how to control the powers of flame and indirect heat. At the end of class, you can enjoy sharing your creations with classmates around a beautifully laid table. Our location is just 25 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, making us an easy-to-reach destination. When you want to get to the bottom of barbecue, try our cooking class in Melbourne.

Learn BBQ Cooking in a Friendly Class Setting in Melbourne

Obtaining the skills you need to be a great BBQ cook is easier than it might seem. Rather than struggling through the trial and error method at home, all you need to do is sign up for one of our bbq cooking classes in Melbourne, and you will learn all the skills you need to get by.

In our classes, you will learn from the guru of grills, Andrew Richardson. From grilled saganaki to hickory-smoked chook (and of course, the classic beer-butt chook, too!), you will learn a lot as he works his magic on our new ceramic Primo grill. How does a cedar planked salmon sound? You can learn that, too, and take the skills home with you to dazzle your family at your next barbecue party or gathering!

Let's not forget about steak, either. Master the challenge of cooking a juicy steak to the perfect temperature on the grill as Andrew teaches you and the rest of your bbq cooking class the right way to grill!

From Timing Your BBQ to the Perfect Steak, Let's Get Cooking!

The skills you take away from our bbq cooking class in Melbourne will not only improve your cooking ability but will leave you with a lasting memory. Sharing in the food you cooked in class and enjoying wine with your new friends is a large part of the Relish Mama experience, too. We pride ourselves on creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for learning and cooking. We even offer men’s classes for those who want to wow their wives next time they cook outdoors! To book your slot in one of Relish Mama's barbecue cooking classes, call us on 03 95534846 or book through the class page on our site.