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Cooking classes » Vietnamese street food with Quyen

Vietnamese street food with Quyen

Come and explore and enjoy the wonderful flavours & the excitement that is Vietnamese street food. These are dishes you will treasure. Learn how to get a true taste of the streets of Vietnam in your own home kitchen.

Leading this exciting class is Quyen Lyon who was born and raised in Vietnam. Quyen has hand picked these traditional Vietnamese street food recipes for you to enjoy in this fabulous class. Quyen has just returned home from a six week visit of her home country and is inspired and super enthusiastic for this great street food menu. 

Menu for this class : 

1. Bo Bia | Vietnamese Rice paper rolls with Jicama, chinese sausages, dried shrimp and aromatic Asian herbs. This is very popular dish in Saigon - shops are packed with students in the afternoon
2. Prawns cooked on sugarcane wrapped in soft leaf lettuce and Vietnamese herbs. Served with Vietnamese dipping sauce. 
3. Sensational traditional Vietnamese pancakes with school prawns and pork 
4. BBQ pork served with 'broken rice' 
5. Typical Vietnamese street food dessert of lady finger bananas with coconut cream and sago

Price: AUD $145.45

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