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Cooking classes » Vegetarian Vietnamese - wonderful new menu

Vegetarian Vietnamese - wonderful new menu

Closed for bookings

For various reasons, such as healthy lifestyle or ethical choice, more and more people eat a vegetarian diet. This class is suitable for all who are wanting to expand their Vegetarian recipe repertoire and master some truly wonderful Vietnamese vegetarian dishes to cook for family and friends. 
This class will be led by Relish Mama's Vietnamese born cooking teacher, Quyen Lyon. 
Please note that the menu is vegetarian and not vegan. 
On the menu for this absolutely beautiful class taught by Quyen is :

  • Rice paper rolls 
  • Fried spring rolls
  • Bamboo salad with tofu, fried bean curd and roasted peanut
  • Braised shitake mushroom, tofu, white radish with vegan oyster sauce and pepper
  • Fried tofu with lemongrass and spice
  • Steamed rice and stir-fried water spinach or steamed okra to serve with main.
Price: AUD $145.45

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