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Vegan cooking class

Delight in the amazing variety and excitement of creating delightful vegan dishes, as we travel across the globe in this new and exciting vegan cooking class at Relish Mama. 

This vegan menu and class has been created with great care and thought by Chef and wellness coach, Tony Chiodo. These dishes will both nourish your body and satisfy your hunger.  Tony will have you 'playing' with a myriad of whole sustainable foods and show you shortcuts to elegant creations every time! 

On the menu :

  • tempeh tacos with ancho chilli and lime sauce
  • tofu and spinach stuffed pasta shells
  • Adzuki bean and beet pate
  • sticky rice, carrot, shitake mushroom and peanut stir fry
  • Turkish flaky eggplant pie
  • Lemon, apricot and chia friands
Price: AUD $154.55

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