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Cooking classes » Salads - Stunning salads with Guy Mirabella

Salads - Stunning salads with Guy Mirabella

Don't miss out on this cooking class at Relish Mama where Salads are more than the star. Salads are definitely Guy Mirabella's 'thing' and they will take front and centre stage in this exciting and mouth watering class. 
For Guy Mirabella, it’s all about colour, fabulous ingredients and freshness. 
A hugely popular class with an all new menu featuring :

  • Chicken, zucchini pasta ribbons & mograbia
  • Sublime & nutritious cauliflower salad
  • Du Puy lentils with pasta e riso
  • Forbidden rice and coral trout salad
  • Bali style bomb beef salad

Price: AUD $145.45

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