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SHOP » Edibles / our favourite food products » Relish Mama smoky red pepper and tomato relish

Relish Mama smoky red pepper and tomato relish

This relish will take you to very happy places. We know, we enjoy lashings of it daily and look at us beam! 
You see smoky paprika is Nellie’s ‘thing'. Some might call it a romance. She says to serve ‘as is’ and let your taste buds dance. We also love it with our eggs or served through pasta as a healthy prepare ahead sauce. Mix through your aioli or serve with your roast chook & perfect steak. Roll your warm corn in it (ooh la la) & top with parmesan . It is also an incredible addition to your vegetarian tart or with Nan’s sausage rolls. Your sandwich just got some loving. We are seriously crazy for this relish.  

Price: AUD $13.18