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SHOP » Cooking classes » Raw green food (clean green eats) - Vegan friendly

Raw green food (clean green eats) - Vegan friendly

Join Tony Chiodo as he unlocks the beauty within that comes from feeding yourself the most concentrated power packed living foods rich with omega 3 oils, antioxidants, plant -based strength building proteins and alkalizing to boot!  

For this menu, student's will master & enjoy :

  • green tea smoothie
  • pommegranate and goji berry frappe
  • mineral rich avocado green soup
  • young coconut pad thai salad enjoyed with a delicious almond chilli sauce
  • radicchio, lemon and sprouted quinoa wraps
  • super green nut and fruit bar
  • and finish with a slice of strawberry and macqui berry iced cream cake.
Please note - this menu is suitable for those following a Vegan diet. 
Price: AUD $145.45

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