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SHOP » Cooking classes » Preserving & pickling (for Autumn) with Caroline Gray

Preserving & pickling (for Autumn) with Caroline Gray

Caroline Gray will demystify all things 'jam & pickle' in this fantastic hands on workshop. Pectin, setting-points, sugars, cookware and sterilizing will be all be discussed.

Making your own jams, marmalades and relishes is one of life’s great satisfactions.  In this class Caroline will take you through preserving for jams, jelly, relish and pickles using the best of seasonal fruits and vegetables this Autumn.

On the menu :

Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam
Quince Jelly
Roasted Tomato Relish
Brinjal Pickle

At the end of the class everyone gets to take a jar of each recipe home to share with friends and family.

Price: AUD $145.45

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