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SHOP » Cooking classes » Pasta making -Hands on Pasta making in autumn

Pasta making -Hands on Pasta making in autumn

Pasta dishes and sauces – all made from scratch in this completely hands on Italian cooking class with Pauline Leonard.
Menu includes :

  • Chestnut and Mushroom Sauce
  • Walnut and Rosemary Pesto with cracked pepper pasta  
  • Beetroot fettuccine with Persian fetta and Hazelnut Sauce 
  • Squid Ink Linguine with Atlantic salmon, capers and fennel

It’s this life-long joy of food that Pauline shares with her students; her clever techniques and methods as well as useful tips and tricks.  Her workshops help you to become a better cook – in a relaxed fun setting - with plenty of mixing, baking, chopping and tasting!

Price: AUD $154.55

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