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SHOP » Edibles / our favourite food products » Mount zero french style green lentils

Mount zero french style green lentils

Fifteen years after releasing the first Australian Grown Crop of French Green Lentils, We have managed for a second year to produce Demeter Biodynamic Certified French Style Green Lentils.

As the name suggests, these lentils are a variety originating from Puy in France.  However these lentils grow exceptionally well in the soils of the Wimmera, and are a favourite amongst Mount zero customers.  Renowned for their deep nutty flavour and for holding their shape when cooked, these lentils are as perfect for summer salads as they are in winter soups and braised dishes.  A great companion to fetta, chevre, mint, peas, tomatoes and game.  These lentils do not need to be soaked and take about 20 minutes to cook.

Winner of the delicious produce awards 2013 'From The Earth' artisan award.
Price: AUD $8.14