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Cooking classes » Indian feast with Caroline Gray

Indian feast with Caroline Gray

A fantastic new Indian class led by Caroline Gray. 

Blending, roasting and grinding spices and herbs are the cornerstones in making a wonderful variety of Indian dishes, including curries.  
Indian food has taken on many influences over the years from as far afield as Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe. Exotic produce and cooking techniques introduced by traders, travellers and soldiers have been combined to create a unique and varied cuisine that dazzles us all. The vibrant, intensely colourful world of Indian food manages to excite us enormously. 

A great Indian night is as much about the fabulous side dishes as it is about the curries. This class is a celebration of both. Come, master, & enjoy the likes of :

  • Vegetable pakoras with raita and chutney
  • Kashmiri lamb cutlets
  • Chicken pasanda
  • Mushroom & pea korma
  • Aloo gobi - spiced potato & cauliflower
  • Butternut pumpkin & tamarind masala
  • Dahl
  • Pilaf
  • Spiced apricots with shrikhand - spiced condensed yoghurt
Price: AUD $154.55

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