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Healthy gluten free dishes that all will adore

A class dedicated to some really delicious gluten free dishes which are packed full of nutritional goodness! No need for seperate meals - everyone you know will absolutely adore these taste sensations. 

This fabulous class will be let by Chef & wellness coach, Tony Chiodo.

On the menu :

  • We’ll bite into crunchy sweet and sour spinach, sprout and thai basil salad
  • slow braised sweet potatoes in ginger and a ground nut sauce
  • Malay style sticky rice noodle and prawn stir fry
  • Japanese tofu, shitake and taro hot pot
  • chicken and lemon grass braised in chili coconut sauce 
  • and finish with a bowl full of sticky black rice pudding with lime scented mango slices

Price: AUD $136.36

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