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SHOP » Cooking classes » Greek cooking - unforgetable dishes from Greece with Kathy Tsaples

Greek cooking - unforgetable dishes from Greece with Kathy Tsaples

We are delighted to welcome back our much loved and respected, Kathy Tsaples of Sweet Greek to the Relish Mama kitchen. 

Many Melbourne foodies are sure to have already likely devoured Kathy's sensational Greek dishes and treats but here is your chance to be up close and personal as she shares some of her favourite recipes.

Join us for this very special class, menu and lady. 

On the menu :

  • Warm fava bean dip served with crusty bread
  • Greek olives with Kathy's favourite blend of thyme, lemon, orange and evo
  • Vegetarian moussaka - this is one of Kathy's most popular dishes at Sweet Greek
  • Yiouvesti with chicken
"Born in the migrant suburb of Richmond, I grew up learning to cook traditional Greek cuisine from my mother. These recipes have been passed down from generations. Our food is engrained with our culture and spirit. 

I learnt to cook instinctively through my family. The Hellenic cuisine evokes memories I will cherish forever. My food is a celebration of life!

Sharing my passion, I invite everyone to experience Sweet Greek for themselves."

Kali Orexi 

Sweet Greek cook book - Simple Food & Sumptuous Feasts is available to purchase at the Sweet Greek store in Prahan or you can email them here to order you copy.

Price: AUD $145.45

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