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Cooking classes » Gluten free delicious meals with Caroline Gray

Gluten free delicious meals with Caroline Gray

A class dedicated to some really delicious gluten free dishes which are packed full of nutritional goodness! 

No need for seperate meals - everyone you know will absolutely adore these taste sensations. 

This fabulous class will be let by the wonderful Caroline Gray. 

Caroline will introduce you to some really wonderful gluten free substitutes for flour and other glutens, rather than just substituting for gluten free flour.

These class is a healthy & delicious feast for all & not restricted to those with gluten intolerance. Join us ! 

On the menu :

  • Polenta and meatballs
  • A glorious grain salad
  • Chicken noodle soup - super simple & beautiful bowl of goodness using banh cuon rice noodles and light Asian flavours
  • Smoked trout and dill fritters 
  •  Indian ‘crumbed’ cutlets - crazy delicious lamb cutlets braised in spiced milk (for reals!) then coated in a besan flour and yoghurt batter 
  • Gluten free pizza bases and fructose friendly pasta sauce (as well as a few simple toppings
  • Raspberry and white chocolate friands
Price: AUD $145.45

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