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SHOP » Cooking classes » Fish in the pan 'fast' : delicious & healthy

Fish in the pan 'fast' : delicious & healthy

We all know too well that we need to each more fresh fish weekly. Fish is an excellent source of protein, deep-sea vitamins, minerals and omega 3 oils. 
In this fabulous new class and menu with expert, Tony Chiodo, guests will dive in and discover how to get fresh fish in the pan 'fast' as we delve into a wonderfully fresh and light approach to preparing fish.  
Learn how to select, store and creatively cook various seafoods.  We’ll prepare and feast on some quick and easy favourites that will get you cooking healthy meals in minutes. On the menu:

  • Grilled flathead with sage and red peppers
  • Moroccan spiced rockling
  • Japanese style sweet-glazed salmon
  • Steamed sea perch with a warm basil vinaigrette and herb crumbed
  • John Dory fillets

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