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SHOP » Cooking classes » Fabulous fish and how to cook it like a pro

Fabulous fish and how to cook it like a pro

Caroline will show you how to rock this season like a pro with dishes that look amazing, taste divine and yet are very simple to prepare once you’ve learnt a trick or two.
Selecting and storing your fish and seafood is a very important part of the cooking process and in this class, Caroline will advise on how to best go about this so you can plan ahead and confidently serve your guests a meal they will remember.

•   Smoked trout, preserved lemon and dill pâte with oven-crisped garlic crostini
•   Oysters four ways
•   Hot, sour, sweet, salty prawns
•   Beet cured salmon with horseradish cream sauce
•   Crab, coconut and green mango salad
•   Crispy skinned whole baked snapper with Relish Mama’s signature chermoula served with a couscous, lentil and pistachio salad


Price: AUD $154.55

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