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Cooking classes » Dumplings 'hands on' masterclass

Dumplings 'hands on' masterclass

A hands-on masterclass that is not to be missed! 

Master the art of the dumpling with Lou Wong. 
You will create a variety of dumplings to be boiled, fried and steamed. Learn how to prepare sensational fillings including how to blend by hand and how to correctly prepare the siu mai pork (cannot use mince!) which are then 'thrown' to make them sticky. Guests will also make three different dipping sauces and learn techniques of making three different dumpling shapes as well as tips on freezing and making them into your own 'fast food'.

* Prepare aromatic Chinese five spice beef wontons served in soup stock with Asian vegetables.
* Fried Gyoza (vegetarian) 
* Steamed Siu Mai / open top dumplings with pork and prawn
* moneybags - little parcels served with a sweet chili sauce.  (filled with turkey, corn and Asian seasoning). 

Although these dishes may sound complicated, this is a great class for people with children or busy with careers  as all three of these dumplings are easy to make and freeze really well for home made  and healthy meals and snacks.  

Born in California, Lou was taught dumpling making by her mother. Inspired by family memories she delights in teaching classes to share her skill and knowledge. Lou is the proud owner and director of 'Dumpling Mania'.

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