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Doormat - Knock Knock

Knock-Knock, who's there? A perfect doormat, that's who! Handmade from coir fibre and of the highest quality, this colourful doormat is a fun greeting for even the rainiest of days.

  • 75cm x 45cm x 4cm
  • Hand Made
  • Material: Coir Fibre
Care Suggestions:
Coir doormats are made from natural coconut fibres and may shed in the first few months of use.  During this time we suggest you brush, shake or vacuum your doormat to maintain its best appearance. 
To prolong the life of your doormat's colour and design, do not place in direct sunlight or where it will remain wet for a long period of time. Repeated exposure to direct light and water can lead to fading and cause damage to the coir fibres.
Price: AUD $45.41