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Cooking classes » Dishes from Sicily with Rosa Mitchell

Dishes from Sicily with Rosa Mitchell

Celebrating traditional Italian food with Rosa Mitchell.

Rosa Mitchell is well known for her traditional wholesome Italian food which is reflected on the menu at her second venue Rosa’s Canteen (Melbourne, CBD). Rosa is very passionate about seasonality and small producers, as you will see with all the ingredients presented in her class. 

Join Rosa for a warm and inviting class as she takes you on an Italian culinary journey through some of her favourite ingredients and dishes. 
Join us for…

  • Pickling of olives, green tomatoes, and mushrooms (cultivated and pine)

Learn Rosa’s simple pickling principles that you can do at home.

  • Pasta e fagioli

A beautiful, simple and hearty soups perfect for the coming winter months.

  • Slow braise of pork

Enjoy a generous serve of Rosa’s slow braised pork with all the trimmings.

  • Fennel two ways

Two different wholesome dishes utilising one of Rosa’s favourite veggies.
Menu is subject to change depending on availability.
As a young girl Rosa Mitchell (nee Pagano) and her family followed the many Italians who migrated from Sicily to Australia.  Her family settled in West Footscray.  She arrived in Australia from Sicily when she was seven years old and while her parents were working, she helped prepare meals for the family.  Despite the miles between there and here, it is a surprisingly small step in kitchen miles.  The table and stockpot are the same, cardoons and fennel still grow wild by the railway line and the extended family and neighbours gather to make salami once a year.  
Rosa began working at ‘Gertrude Street Enoteca’ for her friend Brigitte Hafner, whom she had met through the local chapter of Slow Food.  Soon she was running the kitchen at Journal Canteen, where she was given free rein; and her home-style Sicilian cooking was winning hearts and stomachs alike.
And it was soon time for Rosa to open something new, starting with Rosa's Kitchen in Punch lane which operated for nearly 4 years. And now with Rosa's Canteen off Bourke street which is soon to turn two.
With no formal training, Rosa cooks from her heart, from a life surrounded by food.  Rosa Mitchell’s food is very special: simple, traditional, lovingly prepared and authentic.  

Price: AUD $154.55

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