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SHOP » Cooking classes » Dessert is my favourite time of day - Guy Mirabella

Dessert is my favourite time of day - Guy Mirabella

A much awaited for class, come and share the secrets to making the most popular desserts from Guy Mirabella's famous cafe - the delightful Shop Ate on the Mornington Peninsula. 

This class will feature all new recipes from Guy Mirabella & we welcome all new & returning students to Relish Mama. 

"Desert is my favourite part of the day - purple juice gushing through pastry, citrus sugar-frost coating, flavours that are loud, sour and bold. A glug or two of Marsal, sharp and sweet but light and oh so good for you. "

On the menu for this wonderful class: 

  • Citrus pudding with golden raisins, dark chocolate and almond crystals
  • Polenta, almond lemon cake with caramelised baby green kumquats
  • Strawberry sambuca, mascarpone tart
  • Pear and blueberry pie

Please note that Guy is a true artist. His styling is something else. Guy's classes are more of a demonstration style of class. Guy's classes are generous and memorable. Join us. 
Price: AUD $145.45

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