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SHOP » Edibles / our favourite food products » CUCA Baby sardines in olive oil

CUCA Baby sardines in olive oil

As Larissa Dubeki wrote in the Epicure section of The Age in 2012: 

“Canning the catch may be frowned upon here but in Spain, quality comes in a tin” 

The North West region of Spain, Galicia, is known as ‘Green Spain’. It is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and is where the Camino de Santiago finishes in Santiago de Compostela. 

It is also a region blessed with Rias, shallow fjord like saltwater estuaries. These Rias account for 85% of Spain’s canned seafood production. The Spaniards have a long tradition of preserving the best part of the seasons catch. 

Cuca was founded in 1932 and for the past 80 years has been producing some of the highest quality canned fish and seafood in Spain. 

Key to their success is the philosophy that dictates their production: only using the best raw materials which are hand harvested, hand cleaning the produce and hand packing the tins. No additives or preservatives are used, these are 100% natural products. 

This quality is best seen with the Sardines, they retain their shape, the flesh is firm rather than disintegrating and the taste is fresh.

Price: AUD $7.27