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SHOP » Edibles / our favourite food products » Callebaut Cocoa nibs 250g

Callebaut Cocoa nibs 250g

Chocolate is a flavour and ingredient loved and admired the world around.

Used in both sweet and savoury applications, Cocoa nibs contain no sugar however still contain both the smooth mouth-feel of cocoa butter and the rich bitterness of cocoa.

The production of cocoa nibs is a key stage of the chocolate-making process. Cocoa beans are dried, roasted and crushed into small pieces (the ‘nibs’), which are then ground down to separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids.

Callebaut Cocoa Nibs are made from 100% roasted cocoa kernels, and contain no additives.

With the approximate texture of a macadamia nut, they add crunch and flavour to cookies, biscuits and cakes, but are also well suited to salads, spiced couscous and tagines.

Incorporate cocoa nibs into a spicy rub for a beef roast, fold them through your next ice cream, mix them into your morning granola or coat them in toffee and create a unique praline that will bring your desserts to life.

Price: AUD $15.41