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Beginners for young adults (who want to survive when they leave home!)

This highly valuable new class to Relish Mama may just be the inspiration young adults need as they embark on what can be a very happy and exciting time as they perhaps move out of the family home and begin cooking for themselves and friends. It can be the class that puts an end to the high rotation of often uninspiring dishes. There's only so many nights of beans toast & or take away before ones body yells 'STOP' ! 

This class with focus on simple healthy meals for young adults and home leavers. It promises to be a very relaxed, fun & non-intimidating evening.  The class will focus on meals that can keep on giving! eg. enjoyed on one day and/or divided up to freeze for future use or to take to work or Uni during the week for lunch. Many of this dishes can be varied so you can create different dishes from the one basic master recipe.

This class will be taught by a Mum who is living a breathing this stage of life with her children. Catherine will teach the basics of realistic good home-style 
week- to-week cooking. 

Some short cuts will be introduced. Some great staples and technique will be taught as well as when it is appropriate to buy a great quality 'helpers' (eg. pastes, sauces and spices) to assist you with getting a quick & healthy meal on the table. 

The wonderful class menu will include:

  • Simple crumbed lemon & pepper fish fillets served with home made potato wedges.
  • Home made bolognese
  • Beef Lasagna - using bolognese above, as well as mastering a good white sauce that can also be used for other dishes like tuna casserole, cauliflower cheese, & gourmet mac & cheese. 
  • Penne with Carbonara Sauce (legendary amongst Catherine's own adult kids) 
  • Nellie’s delicious Hummus - Catherine claims that since mastering Nellie's hummus, she has never bought a store bought hummus again. It is sensational & Catherine will share this recipe & give students the appreciation of the versatility of hummus and how very good it is to have in your fridge. 
  • Spiralized zucchini Fettuccini 
  • Basic Chicken & Bean Curry with Rice (& how to cook the perfect rice each & every time)
  • Broccoli Quiche & mastering a quick (almost 'cheats' pastry recipe). Fillings can be varied at home and awesome as a dinner or lunches, on the run. 
  • Hummingbird bliss balls - a little something sweet to finish


  • "An incredibly friendly & thoroughly enjoyable intro to cooking for me. Great knowledge. Fabulous hosts. 
Lauren M
  • "I was a little nervous to attend & have failed in cooking every time I have tried. This class has given me confidence and it was presented in such a wonderful way that I am actually excited to move out and cook for others and prepare delicious meals of my own. The best Thursday night's in ages! Thanks so much " 
Charlotte B 
Price: AUD $136.36

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