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Famous & fabulous noodle dishes from Vietnam

Quyen will share her family tips and secrets with you and a very special all new Vietnamese menu sharing wonderful dishes from Hoi An and Hue. 

Come and explore and learn some of the famous noodle dishes from Vietnam and master the wonderful flavours of the Vietnamese kitchen. 

Quyen was born and raised in Vietnam and has many traditional family recipes and stories she wishes to share and her classes are much loved at Relish Mama. 

On the menu for this special cooking class is :

  • Stir-fried glass noodles with tofu and mushrooms
  • Bun Thit Nuong - Rice Noodle salad with pork marinated with lemongrass, plentiful herbs, lettuce and a roasted peanut and sauce
  • Hu Tieu Nam Vang with Pork and Prawn - Cambodian Noodles (Quyen's version)
  • Egg noodles with honey duck
  • Sticky rice dumplings with roasted peanut filling and ginger syrup
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