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Best Professional Cooking Classes in Melbourne

The passion behind relish mama

About Relish Mama

Relish Mama is your cooking class and dinner party all in one. We offer the best cooking classes near Melbourne’s CBD in our gorgeous purpose built cooking school located in Cheltenham just 25 minutes from the CBD. Voted as one of the top 5 cooking classes and experiences that the city has to offer, we are the perfect choice for food lovers of all ages.

Relish Mama teach hands on cooking courses as well as demonstration lessons at our purpose built cooking school. We use wonderful fresh, seasonal ingredients and cook and enjoy them in a relaxed, charming and very social environment. It is a place where the food cooked is real and where it has life, colour and flavour!

If you’re looking for the best professional cooking classes in Melbourne covering a wide range of cuisines, we have the solution for you. Our classes cover a wide range of cuisines including (but not restricted to) Thai, Moroccan, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, South East Asian, Greek, French, Turkish and Mexican. We also run classes covering dessert and pastry making, vegetarian cooking classes, Mid week inspiration classes (fresh and healthy 'fast food'), hands on pizza & pasta making as well as our hugely popular festive Christmas cooking classes.

Aside from the popular classes held by founder, Nellie Kerrison, the school has some of the most highly regarded guest Chefs who teach regularly including Guy Mirabella, Emma Mackay, Nicky Riemer, Tony Chiodo, Pauline Leonard, Michele Curtis, Annie Smithers, Elaine Young and Quyen Lyon.

All dishes cooked in class are later enjoyed around a beautifully set table, including wine and good cheer!

In addition to our adult’s classes, we also offer wonderful hands on lessons for children each school holidays, including our very popular teens classes. A great learning activity for the children that the whole family will benefit from. At Relish Mama we believe with all our might that every child should be given the opportunity to learn to cook. Cooking is a valuable life skill that sets us up for good health, great lifetime habits and nurtures and encourages creativity.


We are (incredibly) thrilled to announce the release of the Relish Mama cookbook is now available for sale online, in store and at selected stockists for $44.95 (released December 2014).

Thanks one and all for your amazing feedback & for those of you yet to purchase..... we cannot wait to share this beautiful recipe collection with you & welcome you to the Relish Mama family.

Purchase your copy of the book here.


Here is a snippet of what you cannot miss upcoming.  You can check the classes in detail here :

Grains | Seeds & pulses star in our 'Mediterranean feast' with Nicky Riemer of Union dining                                                                                                                             19th March at 6:30pm
A pallette for Paleo                                                     21st March at 11am
Vietnamese home cookery                                       24th March at 7pm
Beginners & kitchen confidence                              26th March at 7pm

We have an amazing line of professional cooking classes near Melbourne CBD this year (that we build on constantly). Classes are held in our beautiful purpose built cooking school so be sure to check out our schedule page. We’ll teach you how to make ‘real food’ using the best, real ingredients and have a lot of fun along the way! 

Visit here for more info and to book online!

We hope to see you in our kitchen soon!

Children's classes

Relish Mama offer wonderful hands on classes for children as well as teens and tweens each school holidays and occasionally in between. 

Check out our schedule page for more details.

A note from Nellie

Food and gatherings were such an enormous part of my childhood. I fell joyously in love with entertaining and throwing parties when I first left home. I relish opening our door and sharing our table and a special meal with others. I love the celebration of honest everyday cooking and that is what my food is all about. When a meal is shared at our table or around our bench, the hectic pace stops! Not only do we enjoy the food and its many flavours, we stop and enjoy each other and all of the unique and incredible things that make us family and friends – how grateful I am that we came to find one another. Sharing food in this way brings a very special richness to my life – it is what make me….well, me.

I opened ‘Relish Mama’ very early in 2009 by turning a lifelong dream and passion of offering some of the best cooking classes into a reality. Cliché, it seems, but I followed a dream and have never looked back. Relish Mama is all about celebrating the everyday. It is about celebrating a shared table and simple but honest ingredients with those that choose to share our large kitchen bench and table and those that leave feeling a little more enriched and hopefully, a little more loved, elated and confident.

For me, good food and great home cooking is all about the passing on and sharing of knowledge with each other. Don’t hold it close to our chests – let’s share it. No matter how many restaurants I go to, nothing beats home style cooking prepared with love that is served at a table with those I love and who I can share a great laugh with - share myself with. This sort of sharing is good for the soul. It adds a little magic to our days.

It is about so much more than the food but good food and a shared table is where the magic truly begins!

Happy cooking to you all!